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Old chap, I've really done it this time. A great storm. Thunder like the voice of God Himself. Ship sank, everyone gone but me. 

At least it isn't raining anymore. This island isn't altogether grim (though I'm the only one on it), and there are some coconuts, but I haven't the fuzziest how to crack 'em open. I positively swear I saw a ship on the horizon just yesterday...I may find my way home yet.

But John boy. Whatever's been shuffled into my deck, I don't want to leave anything unsaid.  I love you like a brother. Should have said so a hundred times. Can't believe I left things the way I did. I love you.

When next you see me, I'll either have a great bushy beard or be nothing but bleached bones. Either way, I'll still be prettier than you.

Send help. Send women!





Borne by Sea is a one-player-at-a-time roleplaying game about writing messages in a bottle. Play begins when someone finds the bottle in a public space, containing the rules and one or more letters. The player then composes their own letter according to the rules of the game, inserts it in the bottle, and then releases the bottle in a public space for someone else to find.

The Game

You are stranded on a deserted island. Having accepted you will never return home, you compose a message in a bottle to say goodbye to someone important. The day of the week, the hour and minute, and the weather when you found the bottle will help you write your message.

Are you a once-mighty oil baroness using your last act to confess your affair with your business partner's wife?

Are you a father forgiving his wayward son as you wait for your fate?

Are you a woman with a secret, determined to survive...and seek revenge?

The full rules are available in a readable format and in a printable format, designed to be folded like a booklet. To start a game, print the booklet, put it in a bottle, and leave the bottle to be found!


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